Friday, August 8, 2008

Okay, enough "Green" news! Now for some Gadgets...

I've been blogging about; OPEC issues, renewable solutions, and even added a nice little news banner on the top of my page searching for news feeds about compostie fibers & tax credits. I'de say it is time for a little break!

So in honor of my 8:08 a.m. blog on 8/08/08 - Here is a short list of some of the high-tech (and a few low-tech) items that you might find of interest.

A Dose of Gadgets:

  • If you do a lot of reading and research, DocuPen RC800 – Smallest handheld color scanner =
  • Bluetooth, virtual, laser Keyboard =
  • Holographic images used for advertising =
  • Any retro or new Coin Op game you could ever want =
    When you’re at the airport and you want to watch something other than CNN, on their TV =
  • The quintessential Gadget website =
  • A company that specialize in unique optical illusion art & toys =
    - Demonstration Movie:
    - While looking at illusions, this is a wild one too: (View this video with a “Full Screen”)
  • The ultimate eBook Reader – The Iliad:

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