Monday, August 11, 2008

Fake or Future? (I'm not a believer, yet!)

Fake of the Future, you be the judge. Well, at least you can be entertained watching the video.
I don't think any of us have enough information to form any sort of opinion yet. Or perhaps, we only have enough information to know better. Physics 101, or simply the old adage; if it is to good to be true then it probably is...

Perhaps the only thing we get out of this video, is that same sort of entertainment you get when you buy a lottery ticket. You know better than the chances of actually winning, but it is fun to think about the possibilities, so you do it anyway.

Can magnets provide power from creatively harnessing their potential energy?
Are the magnetic poles delivering something to us for free; just as gravity powers a old mill using water. Or wind powers a windmill pump. Is there a way to go from the primitive harnessing of earths renewable resources to a more advanced method in our near future.

I sure hope so, but I'm skeptical of any "Zero Point" machine's claim at the moment.
Saved me from having to buy a lottery ticket though... I just imagined a world were power was free! And it looked good!

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